Welcome to the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of New York & New England Membership Website
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Message from His Grace Bishop David, Bishop of New York & New England

Blessed Congregation of the Christ-Loving Diocese of New York and New England:

Peace and grace from our Lord Jesus Christ.

I am very pleased to announce the launch of www.NYNEmembership.org. This website will function as a database for our congregations, and will make a tremendous impact upon our ability to serve the families of the Diocese.

Its success, however, depends on the cooperation of our congregants. In order to fully realize its benefits, we ask every congregant to register themselves on the website and provide the basic information requested. You will also be asked to select the church you primarily attend so that your registration is forwarded to the appropriate clergy. Every individual will be issued a church membership card bearing a unique membership identification number.

As I note above, the objective of this registration process is to serve our congregants more effectively. Your registration will enable us to:

1. Ensure that our churches have current contact information for their congregants and are keeping track of services and visitations to each church’s congregants;
2. Maintain accurate records with regard to the population of the Coptic Orthodox community, and enhance our ability to advocate with our national, state and local governments for causes of interest to the community; and
3. Make important documents such as baptismal and marriage certificates available online.

As a registered member, you will also have the ability to nominate and vote for church board members online and register for Diocese-wide events.

Please rest assured that the information you provide will be maintained securely, and will not be shared with any third-party other than the church you identify. If you have any questions regarding this exciting project, please contact Father Andrew Awad at abouna@copts.org.

May our Lord bless your lives.

Bishop David

Bishop of New York & New England